Bach 95 - Premium and low calorie lager

A Premium Lager

Reduced CaloriesFull Flavour

Our Vision

To produce a unique, premium, reduced calorie, world class tasting lager for both men and women. Having reduced calories and being Gluten Free and Vegan friendly is really important to us at Bach 95. A Premium lager for everyone to enjoy.


Because we like drinking good tasting lagers, a few in the evening after a hard day or drinking with friends and family on the weekend. So a full flavoured, full strength lager that has reduced calories is the answer. The Solution: Bach 95!

A Premium Lager

Gluten Free
Alc Vol.
Bach 95 - Premium and low calorie lager
Vegan Friendly
Our Story

Hi I am Cliffy and along with my good mates and business partners Holmesy and my Agent Jesse, we are Bach95 and we love beer. We all have been lucky enough to carve out pretty successful careers as professional rugby players currently or at one time or another, that said we have always had one Kryptonite, Beer! We like having a drink as much as the next person – an old school mentality some might say in professional sport! “that’s why we decided to make a modern lager for everyone, both men and women. Still a full strength lager, with no compromise on taste; and a full flavour! Our beer has close to half the calories than most other lagers in the marketplace, and is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly. We our so proud to have made our dream become a reality, and we hope you enjoy our beer as much as we do. Cheers

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Bach 95 - Premium and low calorie lager
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Reduced CaloriesFull Flavour