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Our Story

The Beginning

During our professional rugby Careers and a fair few beers along the way, an idea was born in a conversation between three mates a few years ago. We like drinking to socialise or unwind in the evening but don’t really want to feel guilty for it. Why can’t anyone have a couple of beers in the evening after a hard days work without consuming needless calories? Likewise we still want to let our hair down on the odd weekend but at least feel a bit better about the amount of calories we’ve consumed. So we scoured the market…. and found nothing, nothing that satisfied our taste buds, delivered on ABV and nothing that did both of these with a calorie count of well under 100kcals. Until now and the launch of Bach 95, a dream that has become a reality.

How Bach 95 was born

We toyed with many names until eventually we settled on BACH 95 – a name that means something to us… two of us grew up in Sandbach, Cheshire, locally known as the Bach. 9 is Will and Jesse’s playing number (Jesse is an agent now), 5 is Holmes playing number – and not only that it’s also the calorie count we wanted, worked very hard to get and we nailed it!

Dreams into reality

Next we needed a genius brewer, cue… Gregg (Tatton brewery), with a CV in brewing that will take you from the Cheshire countryside to all over the USA and back again. We’d found ourselves a serious beer man to design our recipe and develop our vision.

It was then up to Jesse, Tom and Will to put in the grain and try to turn this pipe dream into a reality. We pushed the business forward, utilising our contacts and business nouse to design the brand and produce the product we all now call BACH 95!

Picture of wheat

This is the start of our journey, who knows where it will take us but for now we hope you can enjoy it with us. CHEERS from all at Bach 95.

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